This site serves as a resource for the North Georgia Irish Traditional Music (NGITM) meetup group. We are based in (and around) Cherokee County (USA).

NTGIM members consist of a group of musicians of various abilities and people who simply have an appreciation for Irish traditional music. The group meets on an ad hoc basis to play together, share tips and tunes and really just kick back, enjoy the social experience with some like-minded folks and have some fun together.

Interested people can contact us by using the registration link here or the Contact Us link. We welcome all ages and playing abilities but are typically attracted to beginner or intermediate level players. There are no fees to join the group.

Typical Irish traditional music instruments include the fiddle, tin whistle, flute, harp, banjo, concertina, bouzouki, uilleann pipes and bodran but we also see other instruments (usually for accompaniment), such as acoustic guitars, mandolins and harmonicas.

If you feel like belting out a sean nós song in one of our sessions, we welcome that as well.

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